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Ground and Flight Instructional Fees
My fees are $60 per hour either ground or in flight.

For the convenience of my other students, please allow at least 24 hours for any schedule changes. Thank you.

Aircraft Rental Rates
Flight instruction is provided through Plus One Flyers flying club in San Diego, CA. Plus One Flyers is one of the largest flying clubs in the world with more than 50 aircraft, has an impeccable safety record, and provides very well maintained aircraft. Aircraft are located at several convenient airport locations—Montgomery Field, Gillespie Field, Ramona Airport, and Palomar-Carlsbad Airport. One of the greatest advantages of being a member of a flying club is the access to a lot of aircraft at low rental rates. For the most current fleet list and rental rates, visit Plus One Flyers website.

Hourly wet aircraft rates:

Cessna 150/152: $75+
Cessna 172: $87+
Cessna 172RG:  $117
Cessna 182: $165+
Piper Warrior: $98+
Piper Arrow: $109+
Beech Duchess: $185+